Madagascar, Crispy Bejofo 75%

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Dark chocolate

Type of production
A domain

Origin Beans
Madagascar, Sambirano Valley, Bejofo Farm

Origin Chocolate Factory
Switzerland, Geneva .

Citrus fruit: pomelo.
Berry: blackcurrant, raspberry.
Woody: wood.
Fruity: cherry.

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Trinitary.
Theobroma cacao L, cv.. Criollo

Ingredients Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar.

May contain possible traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.


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Orfève is based in Geneva and was founded by Caroline Buechler and François-Xavier Mousin. The chocolate factory masters all stages of production from bean to bar Caroline and François-Xavier originally came from the watchmaking world, which explains the Orfève brand's watchmaking identity. From the name to the design of the tablets, a number of nods to the world of watchmaking make up the brand's originality. The two craftsmen also believe that the beans are real jewels and should be treated as such. The founders therefore apply extraordinary meticulousness and precision to every stage in the design of their bars. The beans are carefully selected by Orfève and come from the finest terroirs and varieties on the planet. Most of the plantations used by the factory are farmed organically and in agroforestry. Orfève maintains production methods that are faithful to ancient practices. They are also traditional and gentle in order to preserve all the originality and nobility of the fine cocoa used in production. What's more, the factory produces 100% origin and vintage bars to showcase the different varieties of cocoa. The result is Orfève's pride and joy: a unique and authentic Swiss chocolate. Orfève chocolate soon attracted chefs such as Dominique Gauthier and Yoann Coiffard at Le Chat-Botté, Benjamin Luzuy at Café de la Plage and Svante Forstorp and Jonas Bolle at Natürlich. Each has chosen one of Orfève's flagship products to enhance their recipes. Discover authentic products that aim for nothing less than excellence.


Madagascar, Sambirano Valley, 2,000 hectares divided into four farms: Madirofolo Farm, Menavava Farm, Bejofo Farm and Ambolikapiky Farm.

This terroir is highly reputed in the world of Bean-to-Bar and offers high quality beans, mainly Forastero, but also Trinitario and even Criollo (rare in Africa). The genetic richness of the cocoa trees means that the flavours are uniquely interwoven thanks to cross-pollination. Bertil's work doesn't stop there: he uses simple agroforestry techniques to grow other spices that blend in with the chocolates (vanilla, pepper, chilli, etc.) and influence the cocoa trees. It is also one of the oldest certified organic cocoa plantations (since 1997).