Nordic Nature Sugar, kelp (seaweed) and sea salt 66%.

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Dark chocolate and spices

Type of production
An Origin

Origin Beans
Dominican Republic, San Francisco de Macoris, Öko Caribe
Origin of algae
Sweden, east coast.

Origin Chocolate Factory
Sweden, Kållered.

Aromas and notes
Plant: kelp algae
Floral: rosehip
Spicy : green tea, salt

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Trinitary.

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, kelp and salt.

May contain possible traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.
Reward :
Great taste, 2022

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Frederik Martinsson realised his lifelong dream by founding Standout in 2018 in Sweden. He worked for 10 years as an engineer in the automotive industry before joining the emerging coffee scene in the 2010s. His expertise in engineering and his specialisation in coffee gave him the keys to launching his craft chocolate business. It was when he was developing creative new coffee ranges (from farmer to roaster) that he discovered the Bean-to-Bar movement.

In 2017, he decided to join the craft of chocolate, fascinated by the variety of flavours and the impact it could have on people's lives. He then applied his vision to chocolate, respecting high ethical, social and ecological standards. Frederik takes a holistic approach to chocolate, applying his values and his eye for detail to every aspect of the design. He wants to make as much of a difference to the co-operatives and farmers who produce the beans as to the FSC-certified packaging and biodegradable and compostable packaging. Frederik takes a holistic approach to chocolate, applying his values and eye for detail to every aspect of the design.

Standout likes to produce two types of chocolate: those that represent the expression of cocoa in its purest form (bars with two ingredients, cocoa and cane sugar) and those that celebrate creativity and in particular the Nordic spirit with unexpected or harmonious combinations.


Öko-Caribe travaille avec des petits exploitants agricoles du nord-est de l'île. Le cacao est récolté à l'état frais et acheminé dans les 4 à 6 premières heures vers une station de fermentation centralisée. Avec plus de 50 ans d'expérience combinée dans le domaine du cacao, les propriétaires Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez et Gualberto Acebey Torrejon ont affiné leurs systèmes afin de garantir une qualité supérieure et constante pour leur production annuelle de plus de 500 tonnes.

Après la récolte, les fèves sont mises à fermenter dans des caisses en bois étagées pendant 5 à 6 jours. Une fois fermenté, le cacao est séché dans des séchoirs solaires.