Ghana, Suhum 100%

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Certification | Certification

Dark chocolate
Type of production
Grand cru

Origin Beans
Ghana, Suhum, Coop. ABOCFA Cocoa

Origin Chocolate Factory
Switzerland, Zurich

Spicy: cardamom, cinnamon.

Vegetable: vegetable.

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Forastero
Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar.
May contain possible traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.
AOC, Silver 2019

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"If you want to be a Taucherli, be a Taucherli!" We celebrate love of humanity, tolerance and fairness. We demand and promote fair working conditions for all. That's what Taucherli is all about. It was in 2015 that Kay Keusen discovered Taucherli, a start-up founded by 5 visionaries a few years earlier. Passionate about chocolate, he took over the business and immersed himself in the world of chocolate. Kay spent hours, days and nights developing, manufacturing, building and testing, and there was no stopping him - he put his heart and soul into it. In 2016, he realised that he wanted to become a different kind of artisan chocolatier in his own right. After several trips and meetings with Bean-to-Bar manufacturers, he was convinced that this was the field that best suited him. He felt at home in this environment of relaxed creators and, above all, far removed from the chocolate industry. After several years of hard work, relocations and production improvements, Taucherli was finally rewarded in 2019 by the Academy of Chocolate. He won a silver medal for his Ghana 100% chocolate and a bronze medal for his Mexico 70% chocolate. Then in 2021, the success continued with a gold medal for Bean-to-Bar Betulia B9 80% and 4 bronze medals. Today, the Taucherli team has grown with a multitude of profiles that make up the richness of this manufacture. They are always ready for new experiences and crazy ideas. Taucherli will never cease to amaze you with its creativity, without ever abandoning tip-top quality!


The ABOCFA cooperative is based in the municipality of Suhum in eastern Ghana. It is recognised for the quality of its structure, which has enabled it to obtain BIO and Fair Trade certification. By helping cocoa farmers to improve their practices and living conditions, ABOCFA has managed to overcome one of the major challenges facing cocoa farmers in the region: fermentation. Ghana does not authorize the sale of freshly harvested cocoa, and each farmer must carry out the fermentation and drying process. ABOCFA has made it possible to introduce and monitor good practice in these processes, thereby enhancing the quality of cocoa from their region.