Taucherli, Betulia Chocolate n°6 & n°9

  • Beans: native criollos
  • Cocoa producer: Cacao Betulia
  • Origin: Hacienda Betulia, Antioquia department in northern Colombia
  • Percentages: 70% (B6) and 80% (B9)
  • Roasting: 23 minutes
  • Conching: 72h (B6) and 80h (B9)
  • Vintage: 2019

Taucherli Betulia B6 chocolate tasting notes
The clear and luminous color oscillates between mahogany and bronze. The intense nose diffuses notes of hazelnut and chocolate with an impression of umami . The breakage is muted and the crunch is clear. On the palate, woody flavors and green nuts mingle with something that draws towards cocoa powder and butter or yogurt. The texture has something soft, almost crumbly which then becomes fondant, while playing on spicy notes. Strange synesthesia of texture and taste. The length is ample, long and looks like an echo of that nutty impression, lining the mouth. A fine chocolate that contains a little regressive nostalgia for hazelnut chocolate

Betulia 9 Taucherli

Taucherli Betulia B9 chocolate tasting notes
Barely darker despite its higher percentage, the color remains light. On the other hand, it tends towards brown and seems a little more matte. The nose is just as intense and with more fruity and spicy accents. The casing is thinner, but the crunch more sonorous. In the mouth, it is the spicy sensations that strike first with notes of green pepper, cloves and nutmeg. Only then comes the fruitiness: dried pineapple, red fruits. All with a slightly astringent sensation, without however being overly acidic. In the finish, there remains a slight coffee sensation. The length is intense, astringent and elegant. A classy chocolate.

Betulia B9 Taucherli

In addition to being made by Taucherli , one of the pioneers of Swiss bean-to-bar, these chocolates have the particularity of being made with cocoa from a farm managed by a Swiss-Colombian family, Hacienda Betulia . In addition to the facilitated connection between the cocoa and chocolate producer, this characteristic is found in cocoa. The production seems to be regulated like a Swiss clock.

The little extra from Nicolas: Try the B6 in turn with a piece of brioche, then with a sip of barrel-aged Gamay. The transfiguration is dazzling.

In addition to their unclassifiable side, Betulia tablets have always interested me a lot for their subtle variations from one vintage to another and their unique color. If we had to make a criticism, it would be to offer more variations in terms of cocoa processing, for example with a shorter conching time or longer roasting at a lower temperature. But this is the choice and the signature of the chocolatier. And it works very well.

Who is Taucherli?

“If you want to be a Taucherli, be a Taucherli!”

We celebrate love of humanity, tolerance and fairness. We demand and encourage fair working conditions for everyone. This is Taucherli’s raison d’être.

Kay de Taucherli

 It was in 2015 that Kay Keusen discovered Taucherli, a start-up founded by 5 visionaries a few years earlier. Passionate about chocolate, he took over the business and immersed himself in the world of chocolate. Kay spends hours, days and nights developing, manufacturing, building, testing and nothing stops him, he puts his whole heart into it.

In 2016, he realized that he wanted to become a full-fledged and different artisan chocolatier. After several trips and several meetings with Bean-to-Bar manufacturers, he is convinced that this field suits him best. He feels at home in this environment of relaxed creators and above all far from the chocolate industry.

After several years of hard work, moves, production improvements, Taucherli was finally rewarded in 2019 by the Academy of Chocolate. He obtained a silver medal for his Ghana 100% chocolate and a bronze medal for his Mexico 70% chocolate. Subsequently in 2021, the success continues with a gold medal for the Bean-to-Bar Betulia B9 80% and 4 bronze medals.

Today, the Taucherli team has grown with a multitude of profiles which make this manufacture rich. They are always ready for new experiences and crazy ideas. Taucherli will never cease to surprise you with its creativity without ever neglecting tip-top quality!

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