Cocoa and vanilla agroforestry

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Vanilla is an ingredient that goes perfectly with chocolate. This marriage is so balanced that it occurs naturally in the forest between the cocoa tree and the vanilla tree. Indeed, vanilla is a very popular crop in agroforestry, because it can be grown in symbiosis with other plants, trees and crops such as the cocoa tree which offers shade and support to this small orchid.
For our part, we have chosen to combine cocoa and vanilla on our Mucurcuma farm in São Tomé, because these two plants do not compete for nutrients and do not have any common pathogens. Currently, we are in harvest period until the end of June. This year was more than good thanks to a long and marked “gravana” dry period which allowed the plants to flower in abundance. Harvesting is a long stage where we must pay attention to the plants and pick them when the end of the pod takes on a yellowish appearance over one centimeter. We look forward to showing you the fruits of our harvests soon.

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