Cocoa bark to infuse

We explore this original and light infusion made from cocoa bean bark . This drink oscillates between flavored tea and the usual cup of hot chocolate. The appearance is closer to a pure and light Earl Gray type tea with amber-colored reflections. However, if you close your eyes, you are immediately struck by the sweet smell of chocolate. Except that it is the cocoa shell that we are going to drink and not the processed bean, and that changes everything! You have not yet finished discovering the unsuspected power of this delicious 100% natural and low-calorie drink (zero or almost).

Cocoa bark infused with Chocolats du Monde

Recipe for cocoa infusion (cold brew)

For 4 large glasses (2.5 dl). Use about 5 teaspoons of cocoa shells and put them in a tea ball. Immerse everything in a carafe and pour 1 liter of fresh tap water and place everything in the fridge. Let the cocoa infusion sit overnight and voilà; It's ready to be served! Easy, right? Depending on the capacity of the carafe you want to use, count one teaspoon of cocoa shells per glass, plus one spoon for the carafe. Make this drink at room temperature by reducing the infusion time. The duration depends above all on your preferences: longer for a more intense result and shorter for lighter.

Tasting tip : Mix the drink with ginger or a touch of honey for a sweet touch.

Recipe for cocoa infusion (hot brew)

For 4 large glasses (2.5 dl). In a teapot put 2 teaspoons of cocoa hulls per cup (about 8 spoons per 1 liter). Leave to infuse for 10 minutes with water at 80°C. Leave to cool to room temperature, then filter and transfer the infusion into a glass bottle or carafe which you place in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Tasting tip: You can add aromatic plants that you enjoy with cocoa, such as mint, chamomile, licorice, verbena or even bergamo

Cocoa bark to infuse

The benefits of cocoa infusion

There are many benefits to consuming raw cocoa and cocoa shells that we have listed on our site and articles, including anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
We would like to address another positive aspect: the drink is also known to be anti-sweet craving. This mechanism can be attributed to several active components present in cocoa, such as flavonoids and alkaloids. Flavonoids, which are antioxidant compounds found abundantly in cocoa, have been shown to have beneficial effects on regulating appetite and reducing sugar cravings. Cocoa bean husks also contain alkaloids such as theobromine, which is a natural central nervous system stimulant.

Cocoa bark to infuse

Origin of cocoa for our infusions

The aromas vary depending on the cocoa used, but in general always pay attention to the origin and the region used. To do this, make sure that the cooperative producing cocoa shells also produces aromatic cocoa for Bean-to-Bar bars. At chocolats du Monde, we ensure that the cocoa shells also come from the best cooperatives and are representative of different terroirs to offer a rich and diverse experience!

Cacao Le Forastero (“the stranger”) photo taken in São Tomé


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