Subscription and chocolate box

At Chocolats du Monde, you can indulge in purchasing a subscription box including 3 or 4 Bean-to-bar chocolate bars. You will have the opportunity to choose certain options according to your needs and expectations.

It is crucial for us to explain our approach in the current and general context of the different boxes that are offered in the food and sustainable field.

Why choose our subscription box?

Before selecting a subscription box , it is crucial to highlight several characteristics. First of all, you absolutely must understand the contents of the box. You must choose your box carefully to avoid coming across unnecessary purchases. It is essential to identify your needs to choose your box. You can even start with a one-time purchase to ensure the quality of our products.

At Chocolats du Monde, you can try our box with a simple one-time purchase that you will receive within 7 days at your home. We try to have our monthly subscription system that is the simplest and most beneficial for our chocolate community:

  • Your subscription is limited to the chosen duration
  • No automatic renewal
  • EU shipping every 15th of each month (except July and August)
  • No delivery costs in Switzerland
Tasting support for subscription
Tasting support for subscription

What are the advantages of subscription boxes?

For Chocolats du Monde, we believe that the main argument for our subscription is the selection of Bean-to-Bar tablets. Since 2018, we have been reviewing the vintages of chocolatiers we know and carefully studying new producers before presenting them to you. Our selection is always based on taste criteria and the provenance of cocoa from sustainable farms at fair prices. Our subscription is thus fueled by our favorites and our favorite tablets which are different every month.

If you don't judge the book by its cover, it's the same with tablets! The tastes are always surprising and the aromas and flavors are magnified by the texture or composition of the chocolate. Testing a wide variety of the best bars in the world remains the most delicious and easy way to discover exceptional terroirs and artisans. We also give you all the tools to understand chocolate and refine your selection towards your terroirs and artisans that correspond to your taste.

A suitable offer

It is recommended to make a subscription to discover new products each month. If there are several of you sharing a subscription, you need to choose a box that meets the needs of the whole family or your household.

With Chocolats du Monde, we offer the Noir de Noir subscription option only for lovers of dark chocolates between 70%-100%. For a more diversified experience, you can select the Black & Colored subscription which generally consists of the following: Milk or Dark Milk chocolate (45-65%); A chocolate with inclusions (50-70%) and a “classic” dark chocolate (65-75%).

It is important to remember that the world of Bean-to-Bar is an artisanal world in perpetual motion. Each year, artisan chocolatiers must adapt their recipes to the harvests of different exceptional cocoa or start a new bar with limited production. Due to the variety and diversity of the bars, our selection must be uncompromising despite the support we wish to provide to artisan chocolatiers. You will thus be guaranteed to have a gourmet and ethical selection which is constantly renewed! Even if you decide to follow us for 12 months, you will never see the same tablet twice.

Tasting guide for subscription

Tasting guide for subscription



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