Uganda, cocoa bark (to infuse)

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Uganda, Rwenzururu, Rwenzori Forest
Type of production
Grand Cru

Aromas and notes
Caramel : caramel
Roasted: cocoa

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Trinitary.

cocoa bark
May contain possible traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.

Nicolas Filippov's recipe : For 4 large glasses (2.5 dl). Use about 5 teaspoons of cocoa shells and put them in a tea ball. Immerse everything in a carafe and pour 1 liter of fresh tap water and place everything in the fridge. Let the cocoa infusion sit overnight and voilà; It's ready to be served! Easy, right? Depending on the capacity of the carafe you want to use, count one teaspoon of cocoa shells per glass, plus one spoon for the carafe. Make this drink at room temperature by reducing the infusion time. The duration depends above all on your preferences: longer for a more intense result and shorter for lighter.

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