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We offer two unique trios monthly:

Colored Trios: Discover a diversity of colors, tastes and textures. This selection does not deprive itself of anything, dark chocolate, milk or white all the discoveries are there. Our only limit is the promise of ethical chocolate and Bean-to-Bar.

Noir de Noir Trios : A selection showcasing cocoa in its purest form. An exclusively black trio between 60% and 100%. Discover the subtleties of beans from all origins, transformed by the most skilful and creative chocolatiers in the world.

  • Discovery Guaranteed - Dive into the world of Bean-to-Bar every month with a new trio of tablets from around the world.
  • Accompaniment - Each bar is completed with an identity card retracing its origins, taste quality and certifications and a tasting guide
  • Flexible - Select the duration (3, 6 or 12 months), the number of tablets (3 or 4) as well as “Where” and “When” to start your subscription.

Deliveries are interrupted between July and August due to high temperatures. The shipping date is scheduled for the 15th of each month but may vary depending on weather conditions. For logistical reasons, the content of each shipment cannot be changed. The price of the subscription includes the tablets, as well as the shipping costs in SWITZERLAND only. Our subscriptions leave every 15th of the month (except weekends). The dispatch dates are confirmed via the chocolates of the world account.

More information

More information

Chocolats du Monde est une affaire de famille. Jonathan et Sacha vous proposent de découvrir le meilleur des producteurs Bean-to-Bar. Notre plateforme rassemble uniquement des artisans chocolatiers qui achètent ou produisent des fèves de cacao pour les transformer eux-mêmes en chocolat. Nous assurons une meilleure traçabilité des fèves, rémunération des cultivateurs et durabilité d'un système agricole mais surtout une grande diversité des arômes pour redécouvrir le chocolat sous sa forme Bean-to-Bar. Notre expérience sur le terrain de la culture de cacao et notre expertise nous permet de vous offrir une sélection unique de Bean-to-Bar du monde entier tout en mettant à l’honneur les terroirs et les producteurs.