Ecuador, Finca Garyth 55%

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Kind of production
A domain

Origin Beans
Ecuador, Finca Garyth

Origin Chocolate factory
Spain, Valladolid.

Aromas and Notes
Nut: almond.
Tropical: passion, banana, mango.

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Arriba National .

Cocoa paste, cocoa butter, sugar.

May contain traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.


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Puchero was founded by Paloma and Marco in 2015. The founders initially followed their passion for coffee by becoming true specialists recognised in Spain for their art of roasting. After three years of apprenticeship, they applied their know-how to cocoa, selecting only small-scale producers for handmade chocolate in their own image. Above all, Puchero stands for excellence in one of the most complex stages of chocolate creation: roasting. Unlike the chocolate industry, this process is not standardised in the world of artisan chocolate. As a result, the artisan chocolatier has to compose his own roasting process (machinery, settings, temperatures, etc.) according to the types of beans and their origins, to ensure that the cocoa aromas are fully expressed. Their meticulous control of the roasting process also allows them to be creative in ways that break with the codes and preconceived ideas of artisan chocolate. Puchero regularly presents original creations such as a combination of chocolate and butter croissant, or even Churros. In short, the experts at Puchero have not finished surprising us...


A cocoa of the Arriba Nacional variety, grown at the foot of the Andes in Ecuador. In 2019, the Garyth family resurrected the cultivation of this variety in a complex agroforestry system. Nacional beans disappeared following the introduction of other varieties and plant diseases in Ecuador. The Garyth family is also sharing its farming methods with the surrounding farmers, using no pesticides or chemicals to preserve ecosystems and regenerate the soil.