India, cocoa shell (to infuse)

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India, Kerala, Idukki, Coop. Go Ground
Type of production
Grand Cru

Aromas and notes
Fruity: red fruit

Roasted: cocoa

Variety of cocoa
Theobroma cacao L, cv. Trinitary.

cocoa bark
May contain possible traces of milk, nuts, sesame, gluten and peanuts.

Nicolas Filippov's recipe: For 4 large glasses (2.5 dl). Use about 5 teaspoons of cocoa hulls and put them in a tea ball. Immerse everything in a carafe and pour 1 liter of fresh tap water and place everything in the fridge. Let the cocoa infusion sit overnight and voilà; It's ready to be served! Easy, right? Depending on the capacity of the carafe you want to use, count one teaspoon of cocoa shells per glass, plus one spoon for the carafe. Make this drink at room temperature by reducing the infusion time. The duration depends above all on your preferences: longer for a more intense result and shorter for lighter.

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The Garçoa team is made up of four women from Zurich. Each of them has a unique profile, which makes for the diversity of the company. But they all have one thing in common: a passion for chocolate. Garçoa's philosophy is quite simple: Bean-to-Bar, Single Origin-BIO, fair-trade and transparent chocolate. As a result, they are able to work the beans and create chocolates with character that bring cocoa, variety and terroir to life. All the ingredients used come from organic farming. What's more, they know the cocoa farmers personally, as well as their history and environment. This close relationship with the producers allows Garçoa to control the quality of the cocoa beans and guarantee that the work carried out is remunerated at its fair value. Garçoa chocolates are made using only cocoa beans and raw cane sugar, with no additives or other ingredients added. Nor do they use any additional cocoa butter. Firstly, because they want the chocolate they produce to retain only its natural fat content. Secondly, because they don't want to alter the taste of their Single Origin chocolates with cocoa butter from a different region. This gives Garçoa chocolates a unique melt-in-the-mouth consistency. The ultimate aim is to bring out the flavour of every cocoa in every bar. Garçoa also places great emphasis on the design of its bars. Taste is not just an aroma, but also a surface and a shape. The texture thus becomes a new dimension of the taste experience and acts on the deployment of the aromas. What's more, they also want to reflect the flamboyant colours of the cocoa pods. And it's these that have inspired the packaging for their chocolates: the minimalist way in which the beans are processed, combined with the diverse and fertile environment of the jungle. A real pleasure for your eyes and your palate...


The cocoa is Trinitario and Forastero type which is grown in the Go ground cooperative, located in the Kerala province of India, the world cradle of spices. In the heart of a lush jungle, the Idukki hills are known for their tropical climate. The abundant rainfall makes the soil fertile, rich in organic matter for a high quality, aromatic crop. Go ground provides 113 farmers with a high and constant income, training in organic and sustainable agriculture.